The Sir Jacob Sassoon Synagogues & Charity Trusts, Mumbai, India


Welcome to the Sassoon Synagogues of Mumbai & Pune

  • Keneset Eliyahu Synagogue
    The Beautiful Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, Mumbai, India


The Sir Jacob Sassoon Trusts provide the only “full service” facilities to the Jewish community in Mumbai. It maintains

  • Three breathtaking and fully functioning Synagogues in Mumbai and Pune.
  • The Sassoon House hotel for all Jewish visitors.
  • Free Shabbath and Holy Day mouth watering  meals at the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue (which is within walking distance of the Taj and Oberoi hotels), and much more.

The trusts additionally run

  • Torah classes.
  • Schools (open to all communities).
  • The Lady Rachel Free Dispensary, where a doctor is employed to look after the poor and needy Jews who require medical aid.
  • Two large Jewish cemeteries are maintained by the Trusts, in Mumbai (near the Magen David Synagogue) and in Pune.

If you will be visiting Mumbai, your first call should be to us. You can find all our contact details here. We will be delighted to hear from you and help you make your stay a most pleasant one, in your home away from home.

the keneset eliyahu synagogue in mumbai bombay india